Our Curriculum

Te Marautanga a Manuhiwi | Camberley School's curriculum has been designed with well-being and healing at the forefront. Indigenising education to allow our learners to reconnect back to themselves first, allows our tamariki to become open-minded, inquisitive learners. At our kura, you will see the curriculum areas of learning being delivered through an integrated approach with our cultural narratives as the foundation. This is simply because we do not see things in isolation. Creativity and exposure to future pathways is important to us as we prepare our tamariki to be lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.


Kia U

Mēnā ka tiakina te kiwi he maha ngā uri

If protected, the kiwi has many descendants.

To nurture students conceptual understanding

Tupapa l Identity l Foundation l Earthed l Connected l Grounded

Kia Ora  

Me he korokoro tūī

Like the throat of a tui

To grow understanding through practice and implementation

Agile l Lively l Readiness l Well Disciplined l Graceful l Unafraid l Good Condition

Kia Rere

Te Haaro o te Kaahu

View the future with the insight of a kaahu

To consolidate knowledge through innovation

Inquisitive l Innovative l Successful l Provide l Contribution l Ready to Transition

TAI ORO - Vibration and communication 

NUKU ĀTEA - Identity  

TAI RONGO - Connected with self and others 

NUKU RAU - Pathways and Creators 

TAI REA - Personal Growth 

NUKU ĀIO - Ecosystems